Mary Neilson

In 1984 Mary joined the School of Meditation in West London, where she learnt to practice the Vedic technique of meditation.  That first experience of connecting with the silence and stillness that lies deep within all of us was to enable her to get through many difficult times in her life.

Mary originally trained as a teacher over twenty years ago.  Her specialist subject and passion is PSHE (Personal Social Health Education). She then went on to become a consultant and trainer working with schools, supporting them to develop a whole school approach to the health and wellbeing of both pupils and staff . As well as developing her own company, Meditation by the Bay, she continues to work in schools providing mindfulness and meditation sessions for both staff and students.


BSoM TeacherB (2)

Mary attended and completed a course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in 2013 and began to explore how she could combine this with her daily practise of meditation. She then went on to complete a training course with the British School of Meditation and is now an accredited meditation teacher. (Dip BSoM). More recently, Mary was asked to become a regional trainer with the British School of Meditation and is now qualified to deliver the BSoM Meditation Teacher Training course. See her profile on the BSoM website here.


Christa Drennan

Christa trained as a psychological therapist in the mid 1990’s, and has worked as a therapist and under the broad umbrella of mental health ever since. She learnt to meditate in 2007, in Australia in the Vedic tradition. That twenty minutes was the first time she had ever deliberately sat in silence, had stillness and quiet around her, and had truly made time for her thoughts and feelings, without having to express them and analyse them – just to become aware of them and accept them without judgement. For Christa, beginning to meditate was a life changing step towards self acceptance.

She later began to explore Mindfulness as a way of bringing together both her daily meditation practice and personal philosophy, and applying it to the workplace. Christa still works in mental health, but in policy, management and service development now rather than as a practitioner. Mindful approaches to management, supervision, coaching and promoting wellbeing are becoming more and more accepted, and Christa has developed her own professional practice in this way. Christa is an accredited psychological therapist and a certified mindfulness coach.


Roxanne Halsey

Roxanne is a trained yoga teacher RYT 200 who studied traditional Hatha yoga in India. She was drawn to this particular teaching because although there are many differing styles of yoga that appealed, each posture and approach ultimately has its roots in this tradition. She has also completed a 100 hour Anusara yoga immersion with Bridget Woods-Kramer.

When she was a teenager, she suffered from chronic back pain caused by scoliosis of the spine for which she was taking pain medication on a daily basis. After trying many solutions, she was amazed to find that a regular yoga practice was the only thing to relieve the pain. Since then, she has been in love with the transformational power of the practice.

Five years on, she decided to train as a teacher so that she might share her passion and create classes that bring together all the elements that inspire. She believes that as a teacher, she must always be a student with endless lessons to be learned. She is strongly influenced by meditation and mindfulness, and brings this inward focus into her teaching.

She teaches community, corporate and private yoga classes in London, blending  traditional hatha practice with a playful flow.  Find her on Facebook and take a look at her website.


Tess Messenger

From a young age, Tess has held a passion for dance and movement as a creative medium for expression, involving herself in various dance forms and studies.

Later on, her interest in health and wellbeing led her to pursue a career in Mental Health where she trained and worked as a nurse/therapist for fifteen years. During this time, she developed a specialisation in relaxation and stress management techniques including the introduction of Dance and Movement as a therapeutic intervention.

Curious about the benefits this delivered, naturally led her to combining her love of Dance and Movement with psychotherapy, culminating in her gaining an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Roehampton University, in 2010.

Tess believes that a deeper awareness of the body guides us to a deeper awareness of the self. Integration of the mind and body is a core principle of Tess’s work and using meditation as a core structure, she combines Mindfulness Practice and Techniques with her relevant experience and skills to bring a holistic and personal understanding of the body.

Tess now works from the Source Wellbeing Centre in Belfast. View her profile  and contact Tess, here.


Toby Harrison

Toby retired from a career in Social Work 18 months ago. She has practiced meditation for over 20 years and more recently become a follower of Nichiren Buddhism. She is a firm believer that what you hold in your mind becomes your reality, and that by trying to control negative thoughts is essential to altering your feelings about yourself and the world around you.

She completed a Diploma with the British School of Meditation on the 15th of February 2016, with a distinction. The British School of Mediation offer courses which are non-sectarian and the courses have been based on studies which have been extensively explored in psychology and offer simple techniques like the relaxation response to calm your mind and body.

Her personal definition of the practice of meditation is:- “Take time out, in stillness/chanting, observe your thoughts and how your body feels, you will start to lose your fear of yourself. “

Toby offers meditation tuition. To enquire, give her a call on 01227742657.


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