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Monday 3rd, £5
Beginner meditators’ goup, 6.30 – 7.30pm

New to meditation or want to learn how to? Join us at Meditation by the Bay on the first Monday of each month for our Beginners’ Group.


Tuesday 4th, £7
Chakra Healing Circle led by Sue Quigley

Each month we will focus on a specific Chakra, what it is, it’s implications and the associated colours and crystals. We will do a guided healing meditation based on the specific Chakra and you will go away with a clear idea of how to harness it’s specific energy. You’ll get a handout AND a crystal to take away with you!bThe exchange for these groups is £7 – so if you attend every one you will have a full set of Chakras crystals by the end of it!

Please arrive 5 mins before the start
Contact Sue Quigley 07794 391808 //


December special!
Sunday 9th, £25 / 10:30am-1:00pm

Workshop: Yoga nidra for deep relaxation

How often do you truly give yourself time to relax and replenish? These days, we often rush through life with never-ending to-do lists and rarely take a moment to replenish our spent energy.

This Yoga Nidra workshop (now longer than before!) will begin with gentle yoga postures to warm up and tune in to our bodies. We will visit each area with gentle movement, preparing to arrive at a place of stillness where we will be better prepared to deeply relax. We will visit some supported restorative poses to allow the body to release back into its true alignment. We will then finish with a guided yoga nidra practice.

Yoga nidra is a powerful technique derived from the tantras that is used to bring about peace and calm to a tired body and a busy mind. The practice itself is a journey through various stages: rotation of awareness, visualisations, and mindfulness of the body and breath. Modern-day mindfulness practice traces its roots back to these teachings. Students with all levels of experience are welcome, including beginners, practitioners with injuries or pre & post-natal students. There will be refreshments on offer at the studio for you to enjoy after the session.

This workshop is perfect for settling into the winter season, letting go of this year,  and making space for the new year…..

Monday 10th, free.
Regular meditation group

Meditation by the Bay invites you to join us at the Old Cottage for a seasonal meditation and a glass of mulled wine.
We host a regular group meditation on the second Monday of the month for those who have meditated before (no matter how long!). Although meditation is an individual inner experience, meditating in groups provides a sense of community and connectedness. Contact us if you would like to join us or would like to know more. This group is *free*.

Tuesday 18th (every third Tuesday), £5
Toning Circle – 6-7pm
This session will be before Mantra, so please feel free to come to either or both sessions! Experience the power of vocal toning with intention for healing. We will tone first for the group, raising our energy and altering our consciousness. Then we will tone for Earth Healing. Finally, people who would like to will be invited to lie or sit in the centre of the circle to receive from the group.

Tuesday 18th (every third Tuesday), £5
Sacred mantra chanting – 7pm-8pm
Whilst mantra can be used for facilitating a meditative state, many people also find them to be uplifting and joyful especially when sung. Join Naomy every second Tuesday for a beautiful community class.

Contact Naomy regarding either evening session on 01227741802 or



More workshops & events announced regularly!

All year round we offer group meditations, courses & retreat days.


New to meditation
If you are new to meditation or want to learn, come along to our popular Beginner’s session on the first Monday of the month. We cover the basic principles of the practise and an opportunity to try different types and techniques of meditation. Cost is £5.

Regular meditators
We host a regular group meditation on the second Monday of the month for those who have meditated before (no matter how long!) from 6.30-7.30pm. Although meditation is an individual inner experience, meditating in groups provides a sense of community and connectedness. Contact us if you would like to join us or would like to know more. This group is *free*.


An Introduction to Meditation – we offer a 5 week introduction to meditation programme (one session a week for 5 weeks). This experiential course will cover the practical, theoretical and philosophical aspects of meditation and mindfulness, and give you the skills you need to continue on your own or with others.  Contact us to book your place on our next course.

Mindfulness for the Everyday – A 5 week experiential course teaching mindfulness techniques for use in everyday life to reduce stress and increase quality of life. Contact us if you would like to join us and learn more.

Meditation Teacher Training – As meditation and mindfulness become more and more popular there is an increasing demand for meditation teacher training. The British School of Meditation was established to help you to become a meditation teacher. Our comprehensive, accredited course will train you in becoming meditation teacher and help you learn the skills of running a successful business. Check out our page for the training here, or contact us to find out more.

One day retreats

We offer a blend of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and body awareness on our one day retreats. Spend the day with us and take the opportunity to relax and nurture your body, mind and spirit. Lunch and refreshments included.  Contact us to find out when our next retreat will take place.


£125 for five week Introduction to Meditation Course.
One day workshops £65 (refreshments and lunch included)

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Cheques by post:
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